Monday, May 5, 2008

Daddy day skiing!

Kent and four of his friends took the older kids out for a day of Spring skiing. There ended up being four daddies with a total of 7 kids. What great Dads they are!!! Abbie and Kate had a blast! Kent put them in ski lessons for the first couple hours of the day. He said they did great and after lessons and a few practice runs on the bunny slope they attempted a longer run with great success! They came home exhausted and said they had a fantastic time.
This is Kate on the "conveyor belt" ski lift. I had never seen one of these before but it looks like a lot fun!!!

Go Abbie!!


Robin said...

This looks like such fun. I love it when Roland takes the boys anyplace - even if it is just Sonic. said...

OH! how fun! GO Abbie and Kate!
Hey!! No one told us that you were both out of school YESTERDAY AND TODAY!!! What the heck!? Shame on that Daddy of yours for not bringing you to Utah with him!
We miss you!!!

Nan Campbell said...

Abbie and look like professionals! Would you believe your Nana skied back in the olden days and loved it?!!