Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A week full of love and crafting

I am so lucky to have three beautiful girls who share my love for some good crafting time! The week before Valentines Day Kent was out of town so we decided to do some real girly stuff (sorry Jake). We headed off to JoAnne's, got the supplies we needed, and had a great time! The first thing we worked on were these cute bags that we used as mail boxes for us to send love notes and surprises to each other all week long. I think they turned out adorable! We decided to save them and make it a new tradition.

Abbie and Kate helping cut out their mail boxes.

Can you tell who is who?

Jake finding some of his love notes one morning.

Most of the little surprises I put in their bags I just got at the dollar section at Target. They were thrilled!

Abbie cut out a whole yard of little red felt circles. It turned into an adorable wreath!

I was in charge of Kate's school Valentine party. I decided to make a Valentine Memory game. I just cut out all the shapes and numbers on my Cricut and then went and got them all laminated.

The pencil topper craft we did at Kate's party

Claire having fun with Kate at her school party.

I love Valentines Day and the opportunity it gives me to show my family how much I love them. Now the challenge is to keep showing them all year long. Ü

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kate's best of 2009

I was cleaning out my office today and found Kate's "Best of 2009" list she made at school. I thought it was so cute so here they are (she said they are not in order of her favorite, just a list):

-Glamis sand dunes
-Economic fair
-baby Ruby
-sewing class
-new wood floors
-Disney California and Disneyland
-Mom and Dad at Europe
-starting 3rd grade
-Moab Utah 2nd time
-Aunt JoJo being engaged

I love it...a perfect snapshot of our 2009! I love my cute Kate!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Jakey's's a Lego party!

Why oh why do our kids have to grow up so fast? I really can hardly believe my baby is 3. I absolutely LOVE the stage he is in right now. I want to cherish every second of it since it will be my last (until grandkids Ü).

Beside watching Lightning McQueen (and more recently Toy Story), Lego's are the only thing that will keep Jake's attention for more than 10 min. It is one of his favorite things to do with his Dad! So, we decided to have a Lego birthday with our family.

The Carlson, McOmber, and Twigg kids.

This was my attempt at a Lego cake. Jake was thrilled with it...I guess that is all that matters!

A picture from Big Jake!

Jake talked about wanting a robot for his birthday. It was so random...I am not sure he even knows what a robot is! So, Abbie was so sweet and made him this awesome robot!

I found some Lego candys while I was in Utah. They were so cute and even stack together! The kids had a good time with them.

Happy #3 Jake...we LOVE YOU!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Baptism, Blessing, and a Funeral

A couple of weeks ago we made a very quick trip to Utah to attend a baptism, blessing, funeral, and baby shower! The funeral of my cousin Jeff was unexpected but we were grateful we were able to attend and be with family. It was a fast weekend but worth every second of it. We will take any opportunity we can to get together with our cousins.

My sweet cousin Aimee had her baby Charolette just a few days before we got there. The kids loved being able to go to her baby shower.

Sweet little Evie on her baptism day.

Laura holding baby Ruby in her gorgeous blessing dress!

These guys have SO much fun when they get together! I just love seeing them making memories.

Julie did an amazing job on the luncheon following the baptism/blessing. Here are all the centerpieces (adorable #8 cookies!)
Me with Jodi, Julie, Laura, and baby Ruby

Sadie, Drake, and Abbie