Monday, February 22, 2010

Kate's best of 2009

I was cleaning out my office today and found Kate's "Best of 2009" list she made at school. I thought it was so cute so here they are (she said they are not in order of her favorite, just a list):

-Glamis sand dunes
-Economic fair
-baby Ruby
-sewing class
-new wood floors
-Disney California and Disneyland
-Mom and Dad at Europe
-starting 3rd grade
-Moab Utah 2nd time
-Aunt JoJo being engaged

I love it...a perfect snapshot of our 2009! I love my cute Kate!


Cumorah said...

Dang - I need my girls to grow up and be our family historians too! That's great! I was trying to come up with a timeline of Bella's life for her class project -- and I was struggling. Good job Kate!

Carrie said...

such a great list, Kate. So thought-ful.
I love you Kate!!

Nan Campbell said...

What a great list Kate! Isn't it wonderful to do things with your family? It always makes for treasured memories! Love you Kate! (I can't wait til June so I can say, Kate is 8 and she is great!!!) said...

OH! my gosh...
K, i was fine til i got to the end of the list and read her last 'entry'.
now... bawling my eyes out!!

Kate you sweet thoughtful little pumpkin cake! I love you SO MUCH!
2009 WAS a fantastic year!

The Campbell Clan said...

Way to go Kate! Love the list and how inclusive it is. :) Love you! said...

i love you Kate!