Friday, February 5, 2010

Baptism, Blessing, and a Funeral

A couple of weeks ago we made a very quick trip to Utah to attend a baptism, blessing, funeral, and baby shower! The funeral of my cousin Jeff was unexpected but we were grateful we were able to attend and be with family. It was a fast weekend but worth every second of it. We will take any opportunity we can to get together with our cousins.

My sweet cousin Aimee had her baby Charolette just a few days before we got there. The kids loved being able to go to her baby shower.

Sweet little Evie on her baptism day.

Laura holding baby Ruby in her gorgeous blessing dress!

These guys have SO much fun when they get together! I just love seeing them making memories.

Julie did an amazing job on the luncheon following the baptism/blessing. Here are all the centerpieces (adorable #8 cookies!)
Me with Jodi, Julie, Laura, and baby Ruby

Sadie, Drake, and Abbie


Carrie said...

So cute! My heart is torn. So sad that we weren't there but so in love with my family. Thanks for sharing, Jen.

Tricia Lauritzen said...

I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Always makes me smile :) You have a great family. You've had quite a lot going on in your life lately, glad there is some good mixed in with it! You're amazing!