Monday, September 28, 2009

Lucky Me

I get to spend my afternoons with this cutie. How lucky am I!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Wonderful Neighbors

I'm really not trying to brag but I do have to say that I have the best neighbors in the world. It just happens to be a statement of truth! Ü They are friendly, social, helpful, honest, thoughtful, and considerate. Most of them don't have the exact same religous beliefs as I do but they are good Christian people who I look up to and admire.

My dear friend, who happens to be my neighbor directly next door, is struggling with some serious life threatning health issues. Through it all she has shown such courage, determination, and strength. She and her adorable family have been such wonderful friends since we moved here 3 years ago. I truely believe that my Heavenly Father put us in each others lives for a reason. She and I have talked about this several times and we truely belive it wasn't an accident. I love her dearly and my life has been forever changed by her and her beautiful example.

The last couple of weeks they were able to go on a much deserved family trip to England, where her husband is from. We decided it would be a great opportunity to provide some service for them. We mentioned it to a couple of neighbors and before we new it we had a whole crew that was willing to give up their Sat. morning to help this family in just a small way. It was such a fun day! I ♥ my neighbors!!

Danny gave the kids rides.

This is Tim, the "grandpa" of the neighborhood, who Claire affecionatley nicknamed Timmy. My kids love him!

This is Betsy, Tim's better half, who is SO sweet to my kids. We love having them live behind us!

Claire was cracking me up. She stood at that pile of bark for at least an hour. One of our neighbors mentioned that he was keeping track and that she must have filled at least 15 wheelbarrows all by herself! She is one tough cookie!

Heather and Joanna

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

K, 3rd, and 5th

The summer flew by for us and before we knew it, it was back to school time. The girls are thrilled with their teachers and so am I. I love my one on one time in the afternoon with Jakey. We have been to several parks, the library, and 7-11 for slurpees all by ourselves. I love our little afternoon dates and yes, on most days he is still taking a nap...priceless!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Misc. summer fun

The Neighborhood Pool
Many afternoons this summer were spent at our pool. The kids took lessons for a couple of weeks and did great. Jake turned into quite the fish. It was nice that he was so much more independent this year. (I didn't have to get wet if I didn't want to Ü )

We took lots of picnic lunches to the pool.

I did lots of towel laundry this summer too!

Flying W Ranch

Flying W Ranch is a fun place here in Colorado Springs where you can go and check out an old western town and then have a yummy western bbq and watch a fun band play. We were invited for a friends birthday and had such a blast. We have been wanting to go since we moved here!

Jake and Steve showed up in matching cute!!

Labor Day

Cute and dirty dirty faces!

Roasting marshmallows for FHE with Jake and Jess

Sky Sox
Colorado Springs has its very own minor league baseball team...the Sky Sox. We have heard how fun the games are but have never been. Well, our friends had some extra tickets so we tagged along. We had such a blast!! They have amazing fireworks after the game too!

Happy 13th Anniversary

On Aug. 23rd Kent and I celebrated our 13th anniversary. Kent let me decide what we wanted to do. I picked dirt biking...just the two of us. We had SO much fun together!!! After we cleaned up we went to a yummy dinner and a movie. I love spending time with my sweetheart!
We also spent two weeks together in Europe this summer. Pictures on that will be coming. My kids had a blast with their Grandma Carlson for a couple of days and then with Nana and Papa. (Mom, do you have any pictures of your adventures with the kids?)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer '09

Here are some random pictures of our summer. I didn't blog much this summer because we were so busy having fun.

Campbell Family Reunion:

In June we headed to Utah for our Campbell family reunion. What a blast we had!! It was a a waterpark called Cherry Hill near Kaysville. We have the best extended family ever!

Grandma Rula and Grandma Bud gave birth to these 4 beautiful children who...

married and gave birth to this beautiful brood, who...

married and gave Grandma Rula these beautiful great grandkids!

The Lloyd Campbell Clan

At our family reunion we ate...

we swam...

rock climbed...


met second cousins that we LOVED...

swam some more...

and did lots of laughing, chatting, playing, and catching up. We had a blast!