Monday, October 26, 2009

A Pinkalicious Birthday Party

This year for Claire's birthday we had a Pinkalicious Party. Pinkalicious is Claire's favorite book about a girl who eats to many pink cupcakes and turns pink. It was an easy enough theme...we just did everything pink!

We ate pink food...

We read Pinkalicous...

We played pin the cherry on the cupcake...

We had a cupcake walk...

We did a pink craft...

Katelynn modeling the heart necklace she made.

We opened presents...

For part of the goody bag I made each of the girls a pink flowered head band. Here they are modeling them! It was a fantastic afternoon. Claire had a blast and she has such wonderful friends who are all so well behaved.

Super easy to make!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Claire Bear!

Today is my sweet Claire's 6th birthday. Here are 6 things I love about her:

1. Full of life
2. Friend to everyone
3. Has the sweetest laugh you will ever hear
4. Leader
5. "I'm okay, I'm okay!"
6. A genuine sweet heart

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Claire and her new love for rugby

Our little Claire bear just cracks us up. She is up for anything! On one hand she loves everything girly but on the other she is as rough and tumble as any boy out there. She is a little clumsy (okay...a lot) but hopefully one day she will grow into all of her energy and excitement. Well, this fall she wanted to give rugby a try. Our neighbor was her coach and she played with her good friend Lizzie. She absolutely LOVED it! She loved the competition, the running, and trying something new. Every day after school she would ask, "is today rugby?" She was actually pretty good at it. I sure love this girl!

The Lil' Grizzlies