Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Don't cry over spilled milk...

This is what Jake was up to while I was in the shower yesterday! What am I going to do with this energetic and independent little guy? He sure keeps me on my toes!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Another year done with the Science Fair... Hallelujah!!!! Only 7 more of those suckers left! Why do I hate doing them so bad? I am not quite sure because actually Kent enjoys them and is the one that helped Abbie with it the most. I think it is just the fact that it hangs over our heads until its done, it takes a lot of time, and I am just an all around party pooper!! Actually, Abbie did a great job and had fun doing it. So, until next year...

Which soda had the most carbonation?

First, she marked the starting level of the soda and then shook (is that a word?) it for 1 min.

Then she marked the level after opening it.

To find out how much soda was lost she started with 500ml of water and...
measured how much water it took to fill it back up to the starting level.
Her very scientific experiment showed that Sprite indeed had the most carbonation!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We got egged!!

Last night we got a knock on the door to find this...

...a note to tell us that we had been "egged". Outside on our lawn was an easter egg hunt waiting to happen.

The kids were so suprised and had such a blast finding all the hidden eggs. So, to our secret "eggers"... THANKS A BUNCH!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

My amazing and creative sisters...

I come from a family that has a very talented and creative mom who passed those genes down to both of my sisters and some how it missed me. Check out my sister Jodi's talent here and Carrie's here and here.

Well, Carrie went a little crazy planning the decorations for my mom's suprise birthday. Everything was so cute and very thoughtful. Here's just a taste of all the effort she made...

She had gotten a hold of all the pictures of my mom and her siblings when they were little and used them as the decortations. They lined the middle of the tables and they were so fun to look at.
She also made these cute party hats and little favor boxes. She had also made up a quiz on who knew the most about Nan. Some of the questions included how many boyfriends she has had (3), what high school she went to (Highland High), and what her first job was (telecommunications).

These are the adorable placemats she made with fun games on them (just in case we got bored!)

You did an amazing job Carrie!!!

It's a girls weekend...

My mom turned 6o the middle of March so we thought it would be fun to throw her a surprise party. So, my aunt Debbie and I flew into Portland together and my sister Jodi flew in from Salt Lake. We had been planning this party for months and it was SUCH a difficult secret to keep. There were many times that I almost slipped. It was such a fantastic weekend and the best part was that my mom had no idea!!!

Mom with her sister Debbie

My brothers and sisters that I LOVE SO MUCH!!!

My sister Jodi and sister-in-law Saralyn

My mom's bff Cheryl is such a crack up. My mom had no idea why we were laughing so hard while she was reading Cheryl's card.

These are the amazing hand made cakes Cheryl made. They were gorgeous and delicious too! The chocolate one had like 10 layers to it and the cupcakes where a white chocolate coconut (YUMMY!!!) It's hard to tell from the pics but those cupcakes were enormous too.

One of the afternoons (that is wasn't raining) Saralyn took us out on the town. We walked up to OHSU (Spencer and Anthonys school) and took the tram down into downtown Portland to walk around and eat lunch. We had so much fun!!! I am not sure why my dad isn't in any of the pictures but he was our token guy and we loved having him spend the day with us too!

It was just such a treat to spend some quality time with some of the people I love most in my life. I truly am a very blessed woman!! We had some late nights with lots of gigles, a few happy tears, and lots of gabbing. I was so grateful too for a hubbie who had such a fun weekend with his kids at home and made it so easy for me to go. It also happened to be stake conference weekend there and it was so wonderful to be able to hear my dad give his talk. It was the cherry on top!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sneaky Little Claire

Claire is such a silly little girl. We love her sense of humor. She came up to me yesterday and said she wanted to trick Abbie and Kate for April Fools Day. She must have seen something about it on tv. Her idea was to switch the cereal in the cereal boxes. She thought that it was did I.

Well, she got to thinking about the possibility of Abbie and Kate not having cereal in the morning and choosing to have oatmeal. Her solution (all on her own mind you) was to take out all the oatmeal packets and replace them with hot chocolate packets. This girl is so much fun!! She cracks me up. She could hardly keep it a secret for the morning. Abbie and Kate got a good laugh too! Happy April Fools Day!!