Sunday, June 29, 2008

Utah part 3: fun with the cousins

One thing I love about going to Utah is that the kids play ALL day. No, "what should I do" or "I am bored!" They are just off playing until we have to drag them in to eat and sleep. Here are some of the things they were up to.

Climbing The Cherry Trees
Jodi has some great trees in her back yard and the kids could spend all day climbing, hanging out in, or under them. I took some pictures of Kate and Sadie one afternoon. Check out the ant on Kate's neck in the last one. AHH!!! I didn't even notice it until I was downloading my pictures. No cares in the world!!!

Swimming, Jumping, and Hanging Out Outside

We still made good use of Carrie and Anthony's old yard even though they have moved. The Lee's (Jodi's new neighbors) were so nice to share their trampoline and pool. The kids had such a blast!!

Doing Girly Things
They did take some time out to do some more girly things too. Carrie had sent Kate some makeup for her birthday to do dress up with. So, they spent some time making each other over and putting on their fake nails I had bought them. They only stayed on for maybe 10 min. but they spent the rest of the day trying ways to get then to glue on!! Also, Jodi spent an evening making darling bracelets with them. They turned out soooo cute!

This is what the boys did when the girls were acting like girls!

Saying goodbye is always the hardest part...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Utah part 2: visiting friends and family

One of the great things about this trip to Utah was being able to catch up with some old friends and to be able to see lots of extended family in such a short period of time. I do have to say though that it really was so sad to not have the Pabst's living there. It just felt like something was missing. On our drive there Claire said a couple of times how excited she was to see Maya. I had to remind her that Maya lives in Oregon now. She would say "Oh yea" with the saddest pout on her face. The first day we were there she walked around looking kind of lost and wondering what she was supposed to do without Maya. She spent a good part of that day just snuggling up to her JoJo. Jodi would ask her if she wanted to go out and play with the other kids and she would just say, "no, that's okay". It took her a little bit but she finally realized that the older kids would let her tag along. We missed you Pabst's!! Thank you Jodi for being such a fabulous hostess!!!

My cousin Aimee's wedding was at Memory Grove in Salt Lake. It was such a gorgeous spot and we had beautiful weather. Aimee looked so gorgeous and happy! Here are some pics from the event.

Aimee with her new hubbie Matt and her family

Me and my cousin Julie

Aunt Debbie and my Mom

Some of the handsome men in my life: Dad, Jakey, Kent, and Drake

It was so fun to spend the rest of the week catching up with old friends too! We were so happy to see the Roos' at Kate's b-day party. Then, our good friends the Ahlanders organized a little get together with some couples that we hadn't seen since we moved. The Davidson's were so gracious to offer their home. We ate great food, Cafe Rio and some delicious cake and ice cream for Julie's 40th, visited, and laughed a lot! Getting back together felt like we hadn't even been away for 2 years! I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends!!

Fiona, me, Mary, Julie, and Arleen

The couples!

I also had a chance to meet up with some of the girls from my old Girls Night Out group. I have missed them so much and it was so fun to get together and go out to dinner. We missed you Michelle and Shea! I don't think I laugh more than when I am with these girls.

me, Kellie, Brittany, and Michelle

My Grandma Rula, Aunt Jill, and Uncle Fred just recently moved from Ione, CA to American Fork. We got together and went to dinner at Chuck O'Rama (one of my Grandma's favorite places to eat :) It is so great that we get to see them more now and I am so grateful that my kids are getting to know their Great Grandma Rula!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Utah: part 1

Well, we are back from a fabulous trip to Utah and we were so busy and did so many fun things that I am going to have to tell you about them in several different parts. Our main purpose in going was to see my cousin Amiee get married (more on that later) but also to spend time with friends and family!! I drove both ways by myself with all 4 kids. Kent could only come out for the weekend and there was no way we were going to make it that quick of a trip!!! The kids did extremely well in the car although Jake is at that age where he hates being in his car seat for long periods of time and put up a few good fits.

Kate wanted to celebrate her birthday in Utah with her cousins and bff Maia. So, we waited until Nana and Papa got into town and went to see Kung Fu Panda. We loved it! After the movie we headed to Jodi's house for the celebrations!

Maia, Sadie, Kate, and Mariana

cousins Bella and Azure

Kate and Maia Roos

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Kate!

My sweet Kate turns 7 today! Holy Cow, how did that happen? We love having Kate in our family. She adds such a tenderness that the rest of us seem to be lacking in. Kate is one of the most loyal, loving people I know. Her emotions are always close to the surface and she is the first to feel sad when you are sad or happy when you are happy. Her giggle and smile are so contagious!!! We love you Kate-o!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Last Day of School

Today was the girls last day of school. Abbie woke up in the middle of the night feeling sick. The stomach bug has been making its rounds. She woke up this morning still feeling horrible and really was so sad to miss the fun of the last day. This year has been a fantastic year for both Abbie and Kate. I really liked both of their teachers, Mrs. Cloe and Mrs. Engle, and felt like their teachers loved my girls too. We loved our first year at the new Ranch Creek Elementary!

The girls helped make these clipboards for part of their teacher gifts. They each wrote (or drew) a thank you note and clipped it on the board. I thought Abbie's note was especially cute. Here's what it said:

Dear Mrs. Engle,
Thank you for a great year. You were the BEST teacher in the world. It must be hard some times not yelling at kids when they don’t do there work. All the teachers I have had in my life have had the same personalities. I liked meeting you.
Love, Abbie

Monday, June 2, 2008

Father's and Sons Campout

Well, Kent was official this year! He was so excited to be able to take Jake to their first Fathers/son's compout. To be honest I was a little suprised at first that he wanted to go with such a young Jake but Kent was excited to take him. They had such a blast together and Kent said Jake was fantastic. I love that they are such good buddies. Jake LOVES his Dad!!! Every morning when Jake wakes up he yells, "Dada, dada" (unfortunately Kent doesn't hear it over his snoring!)

"ha ha, mommies not around, I get to drink a big drink!"

Jake and his bff Dane

While the guys were away the girls went to see Horton Hears A Who and out to dinner at Wahoo's Tacos with the Jensen gals. What a cute movie it was! We had a great time.