Sunday, June 29, 2008

Utah part 3: fun with the cousins

One thing I love about going to Utah is that the kids play ALL day. No, "what should I do" or "I am bored!" They are just off playing until we have to drag them in to eat and sleep. Here are some of the things they were up to.

Climbing The Cherry Trees
Jodi has some great trees in her back yard and the kids could spend all day climbing, hanging out in, or under them. I took some pictures of Kate and Sadie one afternoon. Check out the ant on Kate's neck in the last one. AHH!!! I didn't even notice it until I was downloading my pictures. No cares in the world!!!

Swimming, Jumping, and Hanging Out Outside

We still made good use of Carrie and Anthony's old yard even though they have moved. The Lee's (Jodi's new neighbors) were so nice to share their trampoline and pool. The kids had such a blast!!

Doing Girly Things
They did take some time out to do some more girly things too. Carrie had sent Kate some makeup for her birthday to do dress up with. So, they spent some time making each other over and putting on their fake nails I had bought them. They only stayed on for maybe 10 min. but they spent the rest of the day trying ways to get then to glue on!! Also, Jodi spent an evening making darling bracelets with them. They turned out soooo cute!

This is what the boys did when the girls were acting like girls!

Saying goodbye is always the hardest part...


Nan Campbell said...

Are you sure that was an ant and not an earwig?!! Gross! Great kids make great pictures!

Carrie said...

How heart breaking...Kate always has such a hard time. She is such a sweet and tender hearted girl. By the way, all your kids look at least a year older....NO FAIR!!!!

Joyana said...

I love the nails & braclets! You are a great photographer on top of that! said...

Oh my gosh! When i talked to you on the phone... i could have swarn that i had posted a comment on the 'Utah part3', so i came in to see why it hadn't gone through. HELLO! I TOTALLY hadn't even seen the second HALF of the Utah 3 post! I saw up to the swimming pool pics, and then must have gotten distracted, cause i totally don't remember seeing the bracelets or their nail-and for sure not the video of Kate.
So, maybe i THOUGHT i had posted a comment... but if i didn't even see the whole post... I imagine that i didn't post a comment! LOL!
OH! we had so much fun!
Gosh! even from work... it was so hard to say goodbye! I hate that part of the trips... maybe we just need to skip those entirely!
The girls did such a cute job on their bracelets. The whole trip was so much fun!
we miss you all already so MUCH!

jenn and flay said...

I love the video! It totally made me laugh to see her crying to stay. What a great time you guys had.