Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Claire's Limo Adventure

Claire worked her little tail off selling cookie dough so she could ride in a limo. She was so determined and her determination paid off! She was so excited to ride in the limo with friends from school and then have a special lunch. Way to work hard Claire!!!

Jake taking a peak

So excited!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


We love Halloween! We had fantastic weather this coats needed! In Colorado, that is a blessing! We had so much fun all week...going to parties, doing crafts, and just being goofy.

The girls had a Daddy/Daughter Halloween dinner and party at church. My adorable family went as nerds. I am so proud!

Batman could hardly wait until it got dark enough to trick or treat!

My cute lady bugs!

Thanks Carrie for the Batman costume! It's getting lots of use. Ü

Clarie bear turns 7!

Our Claire turned 7! How do I adequatley describe my Claire Bear? She brings so much JOY to our family! She is an easy child who is so quick to meet a new friend, love you unconditionally, and make you laugh until you cry! She is one amazing 7 year old!!

Claire, the day after her birthday, so excited to wear her new outfit from Nana to school!

Oregon or bust!

We had a fabulous trip to Oregon for a family reunion back in June. We got so much done and made so many memories in such a short amount of time. I am so grateful for a fabulous family. Here are some of the things that we did...

We flew on an airplane...Jake was so excited!
We ran a Half first! (i didn't have my camera)

We visited the Oregon Coast

We ate at a cool resteraunt with the biggest table I have ever seen. Big enough to fit us all!

We went to a vacation home near Bend, OR

We got a little competative! The Lloydites vs. the Nantastics.

We hiked!

We celebrated Carrie's birthday...and got pedicures too!

We laughed and goofed around...a lot!

We swam in a fantastic pool!
We smiled!!

We strengthened relationships
We made bracelets and painted nails!

We took lots of pictures!

We relaxed and let our hair down!

We made memories that will last forever!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Kate The Great turns 9!

My sweet Kate turned 9 on June 4th! We celebrated by seeing our local AAA baseball team, the SkySox! On Friday nights following the games they have a huge fireworks show. It is one of the best I have seen! Kate had a great birthday and we had so much fun celebrating with her!

Kate was surprised to hear her name announced over the load speaker for her birthday!

Jake and his friend Dane

Kate, Lizzie, and Claire

Jake and Tay Tay!

The dad's with their kiddos

For months before her birthday, Kate said all she wanted was to have cake or a pie smashed in her face. Weird if you ask me but a simple request!

So Abbie helped Kate's birthday wish come true!

I sure love this sweet girl!