Tuesday, November 9, 2010


We love Halloween! We had fantastic weather this year...no coats needed! In Colorado, that is a blessing! We had so much fun all week...going to parties, doing crafts, and just being goofy.

The girls had a Daddy/Daughter Halloween dinner and party at church. My adorable family went as nerds. I am so proud!

Batman could hardly wait until it got dark enough to trick or treat!

My cute lady bugs!

Thanks Carrie for the Batman costume! It's getting lots of use. Ü


Carrie said...

They all look so cute!! I miss trick or treating with you guys!!!!

Nan Campbell said...

Kids look so cute! Wish you all could have been here with us. Chris would have freaked them out!!! Kate and Claire look more like "ladybugs" than "butterflys". Is that what you meant to say Jen?!! Love you all!

Jen and Kent said...

haha...thanks mom! Hello?!?! changing that now!

Stephanie Kralevich said...

I love the costumes, all the kids look so adorable!

The Campbell Clan said...

very cute pics. Makes me miss you all the more! Love the one of Jake by the door...so priceless! love you all!