Monday, November 1, 2010

Kate The Great turns 9!

My sweet Kate turned 9 on June 4th! We celebrated by seeing our local AAA baseball team, the SkySox! On Friday nights following the games they have a huge fireworks show. It is one of the best I have seen! Kate had a great birthday and we had so much fun celebrating with her!

Kate was surprised to hear her name announced over the load speaker for her birthday!

Jake and his friend Dane

Kate, Lizzie, and Claire

Jake and Tay Tay!

The dad's with their kiddos

For months before her birthday, Kate said all she wanted was to have cake or a pie smashed in her face. Weird if you ask me but a simple request!

So Abbie helped Kate's birthday wish come true!

I sure love this sweet girl!


The Campbell Clan said...

Kate you are too cute! I love that you wanted cake smashed in your face! How fun!!
Love the pics Jen, and love that you took so many close ups to show those beautiful kids to us. Wish we were closer to play and laugh together. We miss you all. Thanks for sharing! love you!