Monday, November 1, 2010

The Weather and a trip to the Enchanted Forest!

While we were in Oregon for our family reunion in June, Stephanie took the kids (and moms) on a tour of her News Studio at Fox where she is the Weather Reporter! We all had such a blast. She showed us what a typical day at work would be for her and how she uses all the equipment too. She let the kids practice being on the news. They were in heaven! Lets just say, they thought they were famous and felt so special having Steph show them around. She even, earlier in the week, put a picture of the cousins up while she was on air!

Following our visit with Steph we were headed off to play at the Enchanted Forest. Steph couldn't let the kids leave without a treat so she gave them all Black Forest(to have at the Enchanted Forest Ü)Gummi Bears for the trip. Stephanie is so thoughtful!

We had so much fun with Aunt Carrie and the cousins at the Enchanted Forest. I loved spending the day laughing with Carrie (we saw the creepiest children's play that was seriously bizarre...we couldn't stop busting up!) and watching the cousins make memories!


Stephanie Kralevich said...

I just now saw this, Jen! Love it. That was such a fun day at work! I got ClaireBear's letter in the mail last week. So cute, I will save that forever. Miss you and love you all. xoxo