Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas Band Concert

Abbie had her first band concert a week or two before Christmas. She has done an awesome job on the clarinet and seems to have quite the musical thanks to her mom or her dad.

She was also awarded the Band Student of the Week a few weeks ago. She was picked out of the 60 or 70 kids that have 6th grade band. Way to go Abbie!

Christmas 2010

This Christmas Season was filled with so many wonderful opportunities to make memories with the kids. We found opportunities to serve by singing at a Retirement Center and we had a blast doing the 12 days of Christmas for a family and finding other ways to be sneaky and help the kids feel the real Spirit of the season. We also took the time to play, laugh, and enjoy each others company.

Here are all the kids that came to sing at the Retirement Center. Cumorah organized the event and even had candy canes for the kids to hand out. My kids had an amazing experience that they will always remember. Thanks Cumorah!!

The babies were a huge hit with the residents. Emma and Emmett got passed around but didn't seem to mind. It sure made the cute old ladies very happy!

Kent took the three girls for a day of skiing. This was only Claire's second time (first time of this season) and Kent said she was a natural.

We also spent an afternoon at the North Pole. It is a fun place nestled up against the base of Pikes Peak that has lots of fun rides for the kids and of course, a chance to meet Santa Clause.

Christmas morning...

We went and saw this on Christmas afternoon...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Grandma Rula

My Grandmother lived a life full of faith, love, endurance, and service. She was an example to all she met and I am SO grateful that my kids were able to have a relationship with her. Saying goodbye is always difficult but she lived a full life and died peaceful and quickly at the age of 90. I will miss her! Until we meet again...

She was buried in Fiddletown, a small town in Northern CA, near the Lyman's ranch and right next to her hubby.

It was a great opportunity to see my wonderful cousins and spend time together as family.

Some of her grandsons

In the middle is her twin sister Bula. I am sure they will miss each other terribly until they are reunited again.

All of my family that was able to be there.

Stephanie, Josanna, and Michelle

Remembering Grandma Rula

Our old stomping grounds on Old Ranch Road.

It was a very quick weekend trip. On our way out of town we stopped in the old neighborhood to check things out. Wow, not much has changed but such a trip seeing it all again. I think it has been about 10 years since I have been back. Such great memories...

Chris and Spenc showing the kids how we used to do it! Haha...somethings never change!

First time seeing the Sacramento Temple!

Kent and I just had a few hours before we had to catch a plane. We grabbed breakfast and walked around Old Town Sac and the K street mall. I sure wish we had more time in Sacramento. There were so many friends that I wanted to catch up with and places I would have loved to show Kent. Maybe next time...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fall Fun and Thanksgiving in Utah

Playing some serious catch up on my blog! This Fall seemed to just fly by. We spent some time doing some of our favorite things...crafting, hiking, and baking. We also made an unexpected last minute trip to Utah for Thanksgiving. My Grandma got suddenly very ill and we thought it was important to make one last trip out to visit her. I was so grateful we did! We got there on a Tuesday and were able to spend some time with her talking, hugging, and crying. My kids got to say goodbye to their Great Grandma. By Wednesday she had fallen asleep and by Sat. she had passed. Just the way she wanted it to be...

My Grandma's dog Benny wouldn't leave her side.

Spending time together next to Grandmas bed with Jill (and Jill's dog), Shawn, and Marie

Jodi did and amazing job making Thanksgiving so special. She didn't skip a beat having so many unexpected guests too.