Monday, January 17, 2011

Fall Fun and Thanksgiving in Utah

Playing some serious catch up on my blog! This Fall seemed to just fly by. We spent some time doing some of our favorite things...crafting, hiking, and baking. We also made an unexpected last minute trip to Utah for Thanksgiving. My Grandma got suddenly very ill and we thought it was important to make one last trip out to visit her. I was so grateful we did! We got there on a Tuesday and were able to spend some time with her talking, hugging, and crying. My kids got to say goodbye to their Great Grandma. By Wednesday she had fallen asleep and by Sat. she had passed. Just the way she wanted it to be...

My Grandma's dog Benny wouldn't leave her side.

Spending time together next to Grandmas bed with Jill (and Jill's dog), Shawn, and Marie

Jodi did and amazing job making Thanksgiving so special. She didn't skip a beat having so many unexpected guests too.