Saturday, March 14, 2009


Jen really shouldn't leave her passwords on her computer. Anyone could get in and post weird stuff on her blog. Lucky for her, I'm one of the "good" guys...

I am playing Mr. Mom for a few days while Jen is in Oregon with her family. I figured if i really wanted to play the part, I better post on the blog too. Isn't that a requirement for the good mom award?

Anyway, took the girls to thier final B-ball games today. The gyms have horrible lighting, so I took the time to play around with the camera settings.

Abbie had some great plays. Here she is receiving a pass.

Making a Swoosh...

Getting her medal from Coach

Happy to be finished!

Kate showing the little guy what's up!

Kate ready to pounce

Gettin' the gold.

Friday, March 6, 2009

It was just a little nibble!

This cute little stinker got kicked out of the Y today for bitting a finger. I was mortified. Hugs and sorrys were given and kisses on the ouchy. This was a first. I hope its the last. My oh my...

Maybe it is his Papa who taught him how to bite!