Monday, June 7, 2010

We really wanted to fit one last weekend of skiing in before the hot weather began. We had also promised Claire and Jake that we would let them give skiing a try too. Kent headed up early Friday morning (May 7th) with the older girls for a full day of skiing and I met up with them that evening with the little guys. We had such a fun time with just our little family! We headed into Breckenridge for dinner and then spent the night in Keystone. We woke up early and headed to A Basin for a fun day.

The entire winter Jake has been obsessed with Batman. We have no idea why. He has never even seen a show with Batman in it. All week in anticipation of going skiing he had been asking for Batman skis. We just kind of laughed it off. He woke up insisting on wearing his Batman shirt. I guess he thinks superheros ski? When we got to the resort he walked right up to the rental counter and told the guy, "I need my Batman skis please!" The guy gave us a weird look and we had to explain to Jake that there are no Batman skis!!

This is Jake's look after realizing he was going to have to try and ski without "Batman skis"

Claire picked up on skiing amazingly fast. She was insistent on doing it by herself. By mid day she was moving up to the next slope and wanting to do the ski lift by herself. This girl has little fear in her. Her bravery and confidence will help her go far in life!

Our friend Warren and his daughter Kaylee met us up at the ski resort that morning. Kaylee is an excellent skier and it worked out great for us because Abbie loved to go off skiing with them while we hung with the other kids.
The Carlson Clan!

Crazy hair after a full day of skiing! (notice the shirt Ü)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Date with Kate

Kate did it...she finally earned her date night with us a couple of weeks ago. She is my most creative kid, always kind, sensitive, and considerate but she definatley is not the most clean and organized. I call her my little Pigpen (from Charlie Brown). It seems like there is always a mess trailing behind her. Every morning when I have to remind my sweet Kate to come put her cereal bowl away that she left behind (seriously, every morning) there is always a giggle and a "oh yeah, I forgot". I love my sweet Kate and was so proud of her when she got her jar filled! She really wanted to get a pedicure so that is what we did. After that we headed out to dinner, her pick. We told her to pick anywhere she wanted to go...she picked IHOP. Yuck! She was delighted though and that is all that matters. We sure love our sweet Kate!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Claire's date night with Mom and Dad

Claire earned her date night! She chose to eat at Red Robin and then go play at ITZ. We had such a FUN night. She really is such a blast to be around. She has such a funny energetic personality that is contagious. I haven't played that hard in a long time. We got a taste of what it would be like to have only one child. It was easy peasy! (It was nice for the night Ü)

Anyone who knows Claire can imagine how funny it was to watch her clumsy little daring self on the bumper cars. It was quite the sight! I was laughing so hard. She had a blast!

I love this picture!

Cashing in all the tickets

The Mother Lode!