Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jakey Boy

My Jakey Boy is growing up so fast. I know moms say that alot about their kids but this time feels different for me. I'm having serious growing pains! I remember feeling similar with my girls and the different stages they went through but these feelings are different. It's different when its your last one! I have been feeling kind of sad and...wait for it.....doubt. Yes, I have been doubting myself. Ah man, should we have had just one more? I KNOW!!! I am chalking it up to growing pains because this old women doesn't think having another one is in the cards but I am sure going to miss cute baby Carlson's around here. Can someone please just let me hold their baby!!!


Diana said...

You know where to find babies. They are at my house. I was just cracking up at Jakes 1 year old picture on your side bar. I didn't know him then, but my oh my there is something about him that reminds me of my boys.

Carrie said...

Give me a few months and you can hold mine ALL YOU WANT!!! :)