Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy 6th Birthday Claire Bear!

Today is my sweet Claire's 6th birthday. Here are 6 things I love about her:

1. Full of life
2. Friend to everyone
3. Has the sweetest laugh you will ever hear
4. Leader
5. "I'm okay, I'm okay!"
6. A genuine sweet heart


Carrie said...

What the CRAP!!! Why didn't you tell me I called her on the wrong day. Poor Claire was probably so confused. GEEEZ!

Nan Campbell said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE BEAR! It is so true what your mommy said about are the sweetest thing alive! We love and miss your fun laugh and beautiful smiles! You look adorable in your "Pink Alicious" outfit! It looks like you had a great 6th birthday party. Love and miss you Claire Bear♥♥♥

Jen and Kent said...

Carrie...I am laughing so hard! I didn't even realize that you didn't do that on purpose because we had her birthday party early. I figured that since we were celebrating early you were too. How ever you want to look at were either 3 days late for her party or 2 days early for her birthday. I just thought you were being efficient!! LOL!! It has been a full week of celebrating Ü. said...

aww! My wittle Bear Bear is 6!!! wow!
I love you SOooo much Clarissa! It was SO fun talking to you on your birthday! I miss you Soooo much!
I am so happy that your Pink-a-lishious' party was so much fun! I think that your Mom is NUTS for letting you have so many friends over! You are SO lucky! I wish i could have been there too! I imagine that your mommy wishes i could have been there too, to help her out!
I love you sweet girl! You are my Most FAVORITE Claire Bear... in the whole wide WORLD! i LOVE YOU!

The Campbell Clan said...

Claire we love you! We missed talking to you last night on the phone...a little too much craziness here, but we will call you today instead. We miss seeing your dimpled smiles and hearing your voice and playing with you. Hopefully we can come visit you soon and give you hugs and kisses and tickles in person. We miss you and love you SOOOO much. Happy Birthday Sweet Claire!!!! You look beautiful in your pinkaliscious party outfit. Way to go Jen!

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Claire! You are a darling sweet girl and when I see you it makes me smile.