Thursday, September 24, 2009

Our Wonderful Neighbors

I'm really not trying to brag but I do have to say that I have the best neighbors in the world. It just happens to be a statement of truth! Ü They are friendly, social, helpful, honest, thoughtful, and considerate. Most of them don't have the exact same religous beliefs as I do but they are good Christian people who I look up to and admire.

My dear friend, who happens to be my neighbor directly next door, is struggling with some serious life threatning health issues. Through it all she has shown such courage, determination, and strength. She and her adorable family have been such wonderful friends since we moved here 3 years ago. I truely believe that my Heavenly Father put us in each others lives for a reason. She and I have talked about this several times and we truely belive it wasn't an accident. I love her dearly and my life has been forever changed by her and her beautiful example.

The last couple of weeks they were able to go on a much deserved family trip to England, where her husband is from. We decided it would be a great opportunity to provide some service for them. We mentioned it to a couple of neighbors and before we new it we had a whole crew that was willing to give up their Sat. morning to help this family in just a small way. It was such a fun day! I ♥ my neighbors!!

Danny gave the kids rides.

This is Tim, the "grandpa" of the neighborhood, who Claire affecionatley nicknamed Timmy. My kids love him!

This is Betsy, Tim's better half, who is SO sweet to my kids. We love having them live behind us!

Claire was cracking me up. She stood at that pile of bark for at least an hour. One of our neighbors mentioned that he was keeping track and that she must have filled at least 15 wheelbarrows all by herself! She is one tough cookie!

Heather and Joanna


Robin said...

So awesome. I am sorry that we missed out on the fun. Please let me know about any other "helpful" plans you might have.

Carrie said...

You really do have such great neighbors, Jen. That is so cool that you all got together to do that.
Way to go Claire Bear! You are a rockstar!! said...

I LOVE and miss my Claire bear!

Looks like so much fun! wish we would have been closer to participate in all the fun!

Diana said...

I'd venture to say that as blessed as you feel to have them, they feel equally blessed to have you.