Monday, February 15, 2010

Jakey's's a Lego party!

Why oh why do our kids have to grow up so fast? I really can hardly believe my baby is 3. I absolutely LOVE the stage he is in right now. I want to cherish every second of it since it will be my last (until grandkids Ü).

Beside watching Lightning McQueen (and more recently Toy Story), Lego's are the only thing that will keep Jake's attention for more than 10 min. It is one of his favorite things to do with his Dad! So, we decided to have a Lego birthday with our family.

The Carlson, McOmber, and Twigg kids.

This was my attempt at a Lego cake. Jake was thrilled with it...I guess that is all that matters!

A picture from Big Jake!

Jake talked about wanting a robot for his birthday. It was so random...I am not sure he even knows what a robot is! So, Abbie was so sweet and made him this awesome robot!

I found some Lego candys while I was in Utah. They were so cute and even stack together! The kids had a good time with them.

Happy #3 Jake...we LOVE YOU!


Carrie said...

I can not believe he is 3 either. YIKES!!!!
How fun! I love the Robot, Abbie. That was so sweet of you. We love you Jake!!! Happy 3!!!!

Nan Campbell said... looks like you had a great party. Love the lego theme! I agree with your need to stop growing! Love you Jakey♥♥♥

Cumorah said...

So cute! And such yummy enchiladas! Yet another recipe I'm going to have to bug you for...