Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crazy week!

What a crazy crazy week we have had! Lots of fun end of the school year activities, dentist appointments, church commitments, etc. I have found that its harder to stay up on this blogging thing once you let yourself get behind. So, I will give some quick updates since this is my journal/scrabook too! Here it goes...

Last weekend we had Elder Holland visit our Stake for conference. What an incredible experience I had at the Saturday night adult session. I was so grateful to be there and to have felt the Spirit as stong as I did. It was such a refreshing and uplifting experience. The part I loved most was when he said to pretend that he was sitting with us in our living rooms having a discussion that was immensly personal. It really did feel like he was just talking to me. He spoke on withstanding adversity and gave us hope to endure lifes difficulties. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the night. (these are from my notes so they are not exact quotes)
- "Be a disciple of Christ through all our pain"
- "This is a gospel of happy endings" (I especially love this one!)
-"Many of us say I want to be long suffering but I don't want to suffer and I don't want it to last long"
-"God loves broken things! It takes broken clouds to nourish the land, broken ground to nourish the plant, broken grain to make bread, and broken bread to nourish us. These are the cycles of life"
-"All broken hearts are mended through the Ressurection"

Anyways, it was a beautiful night and I was so excited for the girls to get to see him the next day. I broke out the Ensign and showed them his picture and challenged them to try and find him at church. Apparently I was more excited than them. Abbie and Kate tried to show some enthusiasm but really just wanted their snacks. The next night for FHE Kent was talking to the girls about Conference and they actually were able to repeat some of the things that were said (it was such a proud mommy moment!!!) I guess maybe they get more out of it than I think!

Well, here are some pictures of the rest of the week. Mostly from Claires fieldtrip to the zoo and field day for Abbie and Kate.

Our zoo has an awesome giraffe exhibit! It is always a big hit. Claire's cousins Bella and Azure came with us to the zoo too! Azure is in Claire's preschool class. Bella was definetly not nervous around the giraffes! (thank you Paula for helping me keep track of all the kids!)

Jakey had SO much fun at the zoo. He loved the gorillas. This is his Ohh! face that he makes all the time. It cracks me up and I am glad I got it on camera.

Lizzie, Claire, Bella, and Azure walking to see the Hippos!

Kate jumping rope at Field Day

Abbie, my future basketball star!

Abbie and Jake at Field Day.

Whenever I am at the school with Jake volunteering, Abbie will grab him and run off to show him to a giggling group of girls. I love that she is so proud of her Jakey!


Carrie Pabst said...

Wow! You guys have had such a fun and exciting week. Jake's OHHH face is to die for. You guys all look so growed up! I miss you all so much!

Robin said...

Great up date. I love the picture of Jake. You forgot to mention how you are the cutest person on the RS Board. So I will say it for you. You are the cutest.

Nan Campbell said...

Such cute kids....I love them all!!I remember those busy days Jen. It's a good thing you are young and can keep up with all of it! It tires me out just hearing about all you are doing!!!

Steve & Paula Leishman said...

Love the pictures. That picture of Jake turned out sososo cute!!

daveanddebbie said...

Jakes picture is too cute. He makes the funniest faces- we just love him! Love the picture of the girls walking- precious.

Michelle said...

What a fun time! Cute pictures!!! When are you going to be in Utah next? You need to let us know so we can plan something!

Rachael Jill said...

What a great week! The zoo pics are adorable. Jake cracks me up! I'll second Robin's comment. You are deffinately the cutest.