Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Memorial weekend was full of bbq's and fun time spent with friends and neighbors. On Saturday morning I went on my first long bike ride since last Fall. I don't like to ride when it's chilly outside - I'm whimpy that way. I headed up to Black Forest where there are some challenging hills (at least for me). There was only one time I felt like puking! It was such a blast! After I got home we headed over to our neighborhood park and had a fun time visiting, eating, and playing with friends. The weather was warm and gorgeous and believe it or not there wasn't even much wind!! Monday, we hosted a bbq at our house with some neighborhood families. The weather was much cooler but we still had a great time. I love Memorial weekend because it feels like the official start of summer!

Kent taking a very excited Jake to the park on the quad (yes, the bike helmet is a hand-me-down from his sisters, poor kid!)

I sent Kent home to get the cooler and camp chairs I had forgotten. I kind of thought he would take the van. Silly me!

The bbq at the park on Saturday.

Monday in our backyard

Jamie helping Jake pet the dogs


Knowles Family said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I'm very envious that you were able to have Elder Holland at your Stake Conference. I love being spiritually fed like that. I think I'm in need of some!

We miss you! said...

OH! Jen!!
HOW FUN! GOSH! i wish we could have been there! I see lots of familiar faces that would have been fun to see in person!!
Tell everyone hello for us.. next BBQ!
Can't wait to have you here in just a FEW SHORT DAYS to have us a BBQ!

Michelle said...

Impressive! I haven't ridden a bike for so long! The weather was really crappy here unfortunately!

Carrie Pabst said...

Jealous! How fun. You guys can all just pile in your backyards and have a big bbq.