Friday, May 16, 2008

Cute Apron!

Some friends and I were talking about how cute aprons have gotten lately. Check out these adorable aprons. If your going to wear one you might as well look good doing it. This is one of my favorites. emmeline_demo1.jpg (image)

Here are some of the links I found: (i like the kids aprons #8 and #3 & 14- its reversible!)

3 comments: said...

JEN!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP!!!
You are NEVER going to guess what! Seriously... not even like THREE days ago... i ordered TWO of thise aprons!!! HAHA I ordered the one you show:
emmeline_demo1.jpg (image)
and i ordered them from Stephanie, from her blog !!!! In fact... if you go to Stephanies blog, the exact one that i ordered is:
the "Mae" fabric reversing to "Daydream" fabric trimmed in Brown

Too funny! The other one i ordered... it is going to be kinda custom. I asked her to do one in pinks and browns. She is going to let me know what she can find. I am so excited to get it! I have been wanting to order one for WEEKS! and finally did!
did any of you order any?
I haven't seen the epicureanstyle ones.
love you! said...

Looks like i got my order in.... JUST IN TIME! ;) wooowhooo! Ü

Robin said...

Okay - funny because my sister and I are planning to make these at our family reunion. Did we talk about this? Anyways - they are so cute and I think it is funny that you and jodi are thinking on the same lines.

I loved Claire's gymnastic pictures.