Sunday, May 18, 2008


Claire has been taking gymnastics now for 7 or 8 months. She absolutley loves it and her teacher Mr. Zach. I decided we would take the summer off so I thought I would post some pictures of my Claire Bear doing her thing!!!


Pabst Family said...

Oh Claire, I am so happy you are in gymnasses. I wish i was in gymnasses. we are going to look for a class for me tommorow after we go to the park. i love you and really like your black bathing suit for gymnasses. Love, Maya

Pabst Family said...

claire, well, i am going to get into ginasses tommorow and i will sign up. i love you claire.

Nan Campbell said... look as cute upside down as you do right side up!!!You will have to show me everything that you can do when I see you again. I love and miss you! Nana said...

Bear Bear!!!
Just LOOK AT YOU!!! Lil' Miss Aerials gumnasses!!! Ü
OH! i love you Sooooo much! You look SO grow'd up when you are upside down! YIKES!
When i see you... it makes me want to sing the "Cuppy Cake" song...
I love you love you love YOU!!!

Steve & Paula Leishman said...

they turned out very cute!!

Shea said...

Hey Jen,

It's been way too long! I'm glad you have a blog--they're so much fun. Next time you come down to UT, you need to come to girl's night. I haven't seen you since Landry was born. Hope all is well!