Friday, May 9, 2008

Claire's Preschool Program

On Thursday Claire had her Mother's Day/Father's Day preschool program. She has 10 kids in her class and I thought that it was great that every single one of the Dads made it too. She did a fantastic job singing her little heart out! Here are some of the songs she sang...

"Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes"

"The Intsy Weensy Spider" (is that how you spell that???)

and "The Hokey Pokey" (she's putting her tongue in and shaking it all about!)

After her adorable program Mrs. Amy had each of the kids give their mom and dad presents. Kent got a cute picture frame and this is the adorable wind chime Claire painted for me! She also gave me the little book that had questions that Ms. Amy asked each of the kids. Here are Claires responses:
1. What is her favorite T.V. show? Oprah
2. It makes me happy when Mom ... makes me cookies.
3. When she goes shopping what does she like to buy? Lunchables (oh yes, my favorite thing to buy!)
4. How old is your Mom? 69 (yikes!!!)
5. How tall is she? 9 feet tall
6. What is her favorite thing to cook? cookies
7.If your Mom could go on a trip or vacation, where would she like to go? Hawaii (good answer!)
8. I really love it when my mom...lets my friends come over.
9. What is her favorite thing to do at home? wrestle with Dad (okay, all the moms had a good laugh over this one! I am hoping that Claire meant this is her favorite thing to do. he hee!)
10. How much does she weigh? 29 pound (SWEET!)
11. What color are her eyes? blue
12. What color is her hair? brown
13. What is her favorite song? A german song my daddy sings or "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

I sure love my sweet Claire bear! She is my little buddy during the day and I love her cute sense of humor.


Pabst Family said...

Oh Claire crack me up! What a cute idea for a mother's day gift. I think I am going to ask Maya those same questions and see how she answers.

Berly said...

We all love Claire. Warren got a good laugh out of her answer to What does Mom like to do at home.

Handful of Heaven said...

SOOOO cute!!! You and Clair look so much alike! said...

OH! My goodness! Clarissa! I LOVE you so much!
69 years old! yikes!
and wrestling... HAHAHA! Just too funny!
What a special present for your Mommy Claire Bear!
love you love you LOVE YOU! said...

BTW Jen,
LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture with you and Clarissa! You are looking Fantastic! Love that pic! cute shirt!

daveanddebbie said...

Happy Mother's Day... loved Clair's answers to the questions about mom, especilly number 9! And Jen you're looking great for a 69year old. Whatever you're doing- keep doing it!!! The mother's Day book idea is the most precious gift ever (thanks miss amy) I hope to get one tomorrow...

The Campbell Clan said...

mom and dad wrestle time is best done with the doors shut.

Knowles Family said...

I love those little things the kids bring home from school for Mother's Day. They are the best!!

Steve & Paula Leishman said...

It was such a fun program. I'm so glad we have you guys as friends!!