Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

We love Valentines Day in our house! Here is how we celebrated...

Our sweet cousins Evie and Hannah sent the kids these adorable Valentine count down's. A kiss for each day until Valentine's day. Such a great idea!

Teacher and neighbor gifts

The girls handed these suckers and a bookmark out too their classmates this year.

These are our Valentine mailboxes. We leave them out for a week before Valentines Day and we write each other love notes and stick them inside. I also throw in some fun Dollar Store trinkets too. The kids love this tradition.

This is a note Claire found in her mailbox from her friend Lizzie. "Dear Claire I love you so so so so much"

I love that Claire tried to be so secretive with her love notes. She signed it with a ?

This is Claire's note to her teacher. She signed it...your greatest student Claire. I don't think Claire is lacking in the confidence department. Hahah...

My love note written in Spanish from my Claire Bear.

I can't believe I didn't grab any pics of my Abbo before she left for school. She leaves much earlier than the other kids so I must have been out of my groove! I am so grateful for my sweet, beautiful, and wonderful family. I couldn't be more blessed!!


Julie said...

Love the Valentine boxes! So cute! Your so cute and fun and crafty, Jen. Your kids are so lucky to have you as their mom!