Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Abbie's 12!!!!

Back in Feburary Abbie had her 12th birthday. She is such an amazing young yoman and I am so lucky to be her mom!

The morning of her birthday (it was on a Saturday) we celebrated by going to eat breakfast at one of our favorite breakfast spots, The Cracker Barrell. They have such yummy breakfast food. Abbie got a free dessert too! Nothing like dessert for breakfast!

When we got home the Beehive girls from church had come over and decorated her room to welcome her to Young Womens. They are such a darling group of girls. I am so excited for Abbie and all the fun adventures she has ahead of her. They wisked her off to her first activity, a Self Defense Class.

On Monday (President's Day) we had Abbie's birthday party. She invited the girls in her primary class and of course her siblings for a fun party at Cold Stone. We were able to go to Cold Stone an hour before they opened. We went on a tour of the store, learned how they make their ice cream and ice cream cakes, and got to try a hand at making our own creation. It really was such a blast!


Diana said...

I love how festive you are for holidays and birthdays. I'm going to take some tips from you! I always love holidays but have trouble coming up with good traditions.