Monday, November 9, 2009

LHS Cheer

This year Kate and Claire (Claire wasn't old enough last year) did the Liberty High School Cheerleading Camp. They loved every minute of it. The week after the camp they showed off what they leaned at the football game half time show. That night happened to be FREEZING. I mean literally...we were numb. It was all we could do to make it to halftime. So, I didn't get pictures at the game, just a video. It was quite the night. Kent was out of town so I was by myself. By the time we were done we were all having a complete melt down, including me! We did end up taking some pictures at home after the game. They did a great job!

Isn't that just the sadest face! This is post melt down while trying to warm up.

Claire is on the left in the pink pants. Kate is next to her in the blue coat. I was cracking up at Claire giving the cheerleader a hug after each cheer...too cute!

Showing us their cheers up and close. Don't ever say my girls aren't coordinated!! Ü

Jake giving it a try!


Carrie said...

Thanks Jen. I needed a good laugh. You girls rocked it!!!
give the boy a pom-pom and he just may have a future in male cheerleading.

Nan Campbell said...

That was so cute!! What a fun way for me to end the day! The part I liked the best was, peel,peel,peel the banana! I thought that maybe the next thing up was going to be slip,slip,slip on the banana!!! Jake had the peeling motion down flat!

The Campbell Clan said...

How does Kent feel about Jake's future in cheer? :) SO cute! way to go kids! Claire's teary smile was too sad to look at. Glad you survived a rough night together. Miss you all!