Friday, November 20, 2009

Launching Pumpkins

Abbie's 5th grade class did a unit on simple machines. For the final project of that unit each student had to make a catapult that would launch either a marshmallow or a small pumpkin at least 15 feet. Abbie chose to do the pumpkin. She and Kent spent hours in the garage cutting, screwing, bolting, and launching. They practiced in the street several times launching all kinds of things with the neighborhood kids. It worked like a charm. Of course, the day of the launch it took 4 trys before they could get it to work...the pressure was too much! But finally success was theirs...her pumpkin went 45 feet 4 inches!

To say Abbie's was the biggest would be an understatment! Now we just have the task of taking it apart. (we just got a note from our HOA that we were in violation because some "wooden object is in view from the street")


Robin said...

BOO on the HOA!

Roland has wanted to build a big catapult for a long time. Abby is now officially the coolest girl in school.

Nan Campbell said...

Wow and your dad outdid yourselves!!! Great job! Did your pumpkin go the furthest?