Monday, November 16, 2009

Yummy Apples and Halloween

For the FHE before Halloween we made our yummy gormet caramel apples with toppings like mini m&m's, toffee, nuts, broken up pretzels and we top it all with a drizzle of milk chocolate and white chocolate.

For Halloween this year we had a chef, a cowgirl, a cheerleader, and one very excited pirate!


Carrie said...

could they be any cuter!!!!? Jake, you are killing me. Those apples look so good right now. I am literally drooling!!!

Nan Campbell said...

Cute,cute, cute! Love the costumes! Those apples look better than the ones at the candy store in Pioneer Village! I would love one right now!

The Campbell Clan said...

Cute kids! I love your pictures Jen. What a handsome pirate! We miss you all!