Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Night At The Museum

Yes, we had our very own night at the museum. The 4th graders get to go on an overnight field trip to the Denver History Museum. I volunteered to go with Abbie and her class. We had such a blast! The museum has everything so well organized. We started the field trip in the evening after the museum closed for the day. We were in classes learning about different time periods of American History until about 12:30am. We lassoed a cow, made butter, panned for gold, learned about the Plains Indians, and in the old school house Abbie got in trouble for having on nail polish and had to go to the front of the class room, draw a circle on the chalk board, and stick her nose in it...very fun! I also got to hear lots of fun girl talk like "which of the Jonas Brothers is cutest?" When it was time to hit the hay, the girls headed to the Cowboy exhibit to find a spot on the floor to sleep and the boys to another part of the museum. The next morning (after a very sleepless night) breakfast was ready and a little more exploring before heading home. It really was a fun experience with my sweet Abbie!!

Ride 'm cowboy!
Abbie and Dayna

Making butter (which they actually ate for breakfast the next morning)

getting ready for bed

Abbie, Mrs. Paulson (the principal), Logan, and Mrs. Hoit (her teacher)


Berly said...

I just love this idea. So much FUN!!

Carrie said...

What a great idea! We still need to see the movie but the real life experience sounds so much better!

Cumorah said...

So cool that you got to be there with her, how was the cot? Good thing Abbie has such a cool, non-embarrassing mom to take along to things like this!

Lloyd Campbell said...

When I was a boy we used to make butter with a churn just like the one Abbie is using. We used it until it got broken while we were fighting over whose turn it was to churn. After that we had to put the cream in a gallon jug and shake it to make the butter. My Dad loved to drink the butter milk. To this day I can't stand even the smell of butter milk. I love you all.