Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Day of School

Yesterday was the last day of school. No more rushing to get to the bus. No more homework. No more rushing to get to bed on time. No more packing lunches. No more spelling words. Ahh...all is well (at least for 2 or so months).

All ready for the last day of 2nd grade and 4th grade

When the kids got off the bus we sprayed them down with silly string

Kate and her buddy Connor

These are the little teacher gifts I made. It is a stcky note holder. I had the girls write a thank you note on the top paper and slid in a gift card too. I wrapped it up with some sticky note refills and called it good. Here's where I got the idea.


Cumorah said...

So stinkin' cute Jen! I love how those post-it holders turned out! And pajamas for all the YW last night, camp journals, a baptism next week, and girls camp the week after are one BUSY momma!!!

Knowles Family said...

You are so crafty! Why didn't you give me this idea last week!!!

Berly said...

I agree with Cumorah - BUSY, BUSY, MOM!!! And I love the post-it holders. So cute.

Nan Campbell said...

The girls look adorable for their last day of school...not too excited huh?!! Are you ready for the mob next weekend? Can't wait to see everyone.

Robin said...

YOU are a great mom!