Monday, May 4, 2009

Catch up...

There is so much catching up to do!! I think I will start with our awesome spring break trip. We headed out to Moab with some friends to do some hiking, 4 wheeling, and dirt biking. We had such a blast! Here are some of the highlights...

Day 1: Hiking in Crack Canyon and Goblin Valley:

Here is the lovely "crack" rock Payton found in Crack Canyon

Kate, Kaylee, Claire, and Nicole

By the time we finished up at Crack Canyon and got to Goblin Valley three of the four kids had fallen asleep. So, since it was cold and windy outside, I volunteered to stay in the car while Kent and Abbie went exploring. I actually have been here before and it really is amazing. The picture does not do it justice!

Abbie in Gobblin Valley

Day 2: Hells Revenge!

Let's see...what can I say about Hells Revenge. It freaked my girls out (to put it mildly)!!! I was even a little nervous at the beginning but then got in the groove and had a great time. The only time that my girls were not screaming "We are going to die!" is when the jeep wasn't moving. Let's just say it wasn't their funnest day!

Here are all of the jeeps that we rented. We are in the yellow one.

Here are a few of the only smiles we had all day. (notice that the jeep is not moving)

Day 3: Quads and dirt bikes at the sand dunes

This had to be one of my favorite parts of the trip and for some reason I didn't get very many pictures. The kids had so much fun being out on the quads and having rides in the Razors.

The girls going out for a ride (me on the left, Kim, and Tamzen)

Jake was exhausted after hours of begging for rides from whomever he could get them from.

We had such a fantastic trip and enjoyed spending time with such great friends. No one got hurt this year which was fantastic. Jake was miserable for a little bit with an ear infection but Dr. Fleming hooked us up with a prescription and he felt better almost immediately (thanks Lee!) After day 3 we left the guys for a few more days of dirt biking and headed up north to see my wonderful sister and her kids. (more on that in the next post...)


Robin said...

So much fun! Roland and the boys always go with a group from Idaho - But after seeing these pictures I think I need to go too!

Carrie said...

I am so jealous. I can not believe you took your girls in that jeep. I've done that before as an adult and I almost peeed in my pants!

Berly said...

it was so much fun and now I need to blog about our trip. Thanks for the reminder. I love the picture of Payton. So FUNNY!!

Nan Campbell said...

I'm with the girls! By the looks of that red jeep going down the rock...I would have been screaming too! Great pictures Jen.

Henderfolk said...

awesome pictures Jen!!!
Looks like a ton O' fun.