Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kent's Seminary Class

Kent is teaching early morning seminary this year for the Sophmores and Juniors. He loves all the kids in his class. He is always bragging about them like they are his own kids. I have heard his say things like, "Oh, I have the best group of kids" and "I don't have any discipline problems with MY kids". The last day before Christmas break he had a party with them. Here's the two pictures he took... one serious and one silly. Can you tell which one is which? (they both look silly to me...he hee!)


Robin said...

Kent is an excellent teacher. Noah loves him.

It's hard to say which picture is serious! The first one.

Nan Campbell said...

How funny! The boy in the back looks like Randy Strehlow and the one in the front reminds me of what Chris would do! So I am still waiting for Christmas pictures!

Julie said...

I am teaching seminary here now too! I have taught those kids a few times and I agree with Kent, they are a great class. Becka was in that class and she misses it. There are only 5 American kids in seminary here. (2 are mine!) There are 15 Norwegians as well but we do it seperate because of the language barrier. (We combine on Fridays for Scripture Mastery) Tell Kent I'm jealous!