Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy New Years!

Every year Kent lights off fireworks to bring in the new year and every year there seems to be trouble. A few years back there ended up being a burnt spot on my moms kitchen floor. Last year, Kent's jacket ended up with a huge burn hole in it. This year, it was Cumorah's curtains that took the brunt of the firework distruction. The problem always is that the guys don't want to go all the way outside to set them off because it is too cold. So, they stand at the door and toss them out. Maybe there is a reason fireworks are illegal!

Cumorah very "angry" about her curtains. Luckily it was on the very bottom and can be hemmed.

I had to put a happy picture of Cumorah too!

My cute cousin Emily and her hubby Kasey

The guys (minus Kent) post fireworks trying to look all innocent

The cousins ringing in the new year!

Abbie has been up until midnight the last several New Years. This year she made it until about 11:50...she was so dissapointed in herself!


Nan Campbell said...

Someone needs to learn a lesson after all these years....send the boys outside (with their jackets) to do their distruction!!!

Cumorah said...

Ha! Ha! Dang, I look really, really mean!!! Aaah, good times. I need all of those pictures! That's when we were still without our camera - and those are all so cute! Glad you guys could come to our spur of the moment shindig! Next time, we might actually try planning something ahead of time!