Friday, April 2, 2010

Week long Easter teaching

I really had a strong desire this year to make sure that my kids understood the true meaning of Easter. I saw a wonderful idea similar to this on a blog I was looking at. I decided that I would make it simple and adapt it to my family. So during our normal scripture study time before school I decided that each day we would talk about the days leading up to the Saviors Resurrection. We just simply used one picture from the Gospel Art Kit and read and discussed the description on the back. It has been a wonderful experience so far and we have two of the most important events still to come!

Here is what I did (you can still do it too, just do several pictures together):

Monday: Gospel Art Kit (GAK) picture #223
Here is a link if you need to print out the picture or story: GAK #223

Triumphal Entry

Tuesday: GAK #226 and here is the link GAK#226

Jesus Washing the Apostles' Feet

Wednesday: GAK # 227 and here is the link GAK#227

Jesus Praying in Gethsemane

Thursday: GAK #228 and the link is GAK228
The Betrayal of Jesus

Friday: GAK #230 and the link is GAK230

The Crucifixion

Saturday: GAK #232 and # 233 (I am going to do these two together) and the link is GAK232
and GAK233

The Tomb

Mary and the Resurrected Lord

Sunday: GAK # 234 and the link is GAK234

Jesus Shows His Wounds


Carrie said...

Thanks so much for the idea Jen. I HAD a great idea for teaching the true meaning of easter to my kids....BUT, I sometimes (ok, most the time) have these grand plans that get so overwhelming sometimes (ok, most the time) and then I end up not doing it at all. This is perfect! I am totally starting this tonight.