Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Break...Keystone,CO

For Spring break this year we decided to spend a few days up in the Rocky Mountains having great family time! The first day Kent took Abbie and Kate skiing at A Basin. The second day I joined in the fun, with our friends the Johnsons, and we skied at Keystone. We had such a great day being together as a family and I loved seeing my girls tear it up on the ski slope. Jessica was so sweet to come up and watch Claire, Jake, and Taylor back at the hotel. They had a fun day of swimming, movie watching, eating, and napping.

Abbie and Kate with the cute Johnson girls, Nicole and Kaylee.

Kent helping Kate get all ready after lunch.

The cutest snow boarder on the slopes!

Kent and Abbie on the ski lift.

Claire was happy spending the afternoon with Jessica.

Jake really wanted to go skiing with the rest of us.

This boy is always happy when his Dad is around!

We had such a fantastic break with our family and friends. I love that my kids are getting big enough to enjoy some of our hobbies with us. Kent promised Jake and Claire a trip to the bunny slope before the snow melts. What a blast it will be when we can all be out there together. Family is great!


Robin said...

What a fun vacation. Your kids really are a wonderful age right now.

The Campbell Clan said...

What a great trip! We want to come next year. :) Wow. The pic of Jake is so sad! I love the one of he and Kent and the complete extremes that he showed. Looks like my little TD when his Dadda leaves too.
Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures and love you all so much!

Cumorah said...

How fun! I'll have to learn how to ski one of these days!