Monday, January 11, 2010

It's all about the countdown!

As I was putting away all the Christmas decorations I realized that I have quite the Advent calendar collection. I love each of them and they have become part of our family Holiday traditions.

This is a new one I got this year from my sister Jodi. I LOVE it! The kids had such a blast opening up each box every day before Christmas. Sometimes there was a treat or sometimes there was a piece to an adorable nativity. However, I think my kids favorite day was the day they opened the box to find notes for each of them from their cousins!

The boxes have a magnet on them and then attach to a metal board. Aren't the boxes adorable!

This is an advent that Cumorah designed and I made and taught at our wards Super Saturday. I love how it turned out!
This one has to be my favorite. Another fabulous Christmas gift from Jodi. Who knows how many hours she spent sewing each individual piece. It is absolutely adorable. Each day you add another piece to the nativity scene. It is a treasure that I will enjoy forever and I am sure my kids will be fighting over who gets it after I am gone!

Here is another Jodi creation. This one is one of my kids favorites. Each door has a jar attached to it that I fill will treats, stickers, lip gloss, or whater I can find that will fit. Such a fun holiday tradition. I think this one was my first advent calender. I love it!

My creative cousin Cumorah designed this one and taught it at a class. All I had to do was put it together. I love having some advents that focus on the true meaning of Christmas.

5 comments: said...

How stinkin cute!
my goodness! sorry i am such a FREAK about advant calendars! HAHA! I had forgotten how many i have done for you. Sorry... I will try to be more inventive or creative. LOL!
what a FUN post though...
looks like i need to hit up Cumorah, for the one she designed of the Nativity! TOO STINKIN CUTE!
I have lost count on how many i have around the house...

Carrie said...

WHATEVER, How many advents does Carrie have from her sister JOdi......none!!!! They are all so cute. I am jealous!

buttercup said...

I love advents too! We try to have 5 of them going so the kids can rotate doing one every night! Yours gave me some great ideas for next year! Thanks Jen! BTW I found you through facebook via Bob Ahlander's page. Don't know if you remember me (Robyn Popham) from the Provo 8th ward or not.

The Campbell Clan said...

Cute post Jen. Looks like every kid has one to open each day--that is the best! Thanks for sharing with us!

Cumorah said...

So cute! I love Jodi's boxes - I'm totally going to have to steal that idea, and then come and beg you to cut out some cute numbers for me from your cricut. Love it! Love it!