Friday, December 19, 2008

More pictures from Portland

I had to post a few last pictures of our fabulous Thanksgiving trip to Oregon. The cousins all have so much fun we we get them together. How grateful I am for such a fabulous family!

Emmie, Jake, and Clarie

The mall in Portland has a cool Lego shop. Kent bought a motorcycle set to put together with the kids. They had such a blast working on it together!

In the end, it was just the boys that worked on it until it was finished. I guess it is a guy thing. Both Jake and Drake had a blast playing with it the rest of the week!

While we were in Oregon we celebrated my Dad's birthday and his recent retirement. I am so proud of my Dad and love him so much! He worked 32 years for LDS family services. He sacrificed so much for his children and provided a home where we all knew we were loved. Thanks Dad for working so hard for us. Happy Retirement!!!


Carrie said...

We miss you guys so much!

Rachel said...

What fun! I love the dancing!