Saturday, December 27, 2008


Here are some pictures of our resent trip to Mexico. We had such a blast with the McOmbers and the Robins. They are the perfect couples to travel with! They just go with the flow and are so much fun. We played all day and stayed up late playing cards and drinking too many Banana Mamas. We left 80 degree weather in Cancun and came home to -10 degrees in Denver. It was the perfect vacation. Thanks so much to Jake and Jessica who were so wonderful to watch our kids for us. Our kids love them and we are so grateful to have them living close by.

drinking our Banana Mamas

Stewart and Buffy

Heading out to go snorkling on the 2nd biggest reaf in the world ( I had no idea it was in Cancun). We saw a sea turtle, sting ray, lobster, and tons of other cool fish and coral!

A picture with our new buddy Paco! He hooked us up with the best things to do and eat in Puerto Morelos.Here we are at the restaurant Paco told us about. I was a little frightened when we first got there (yes, we are eating outside on dirt with lawn furniture). It ended up being the best meal I ate in Mexico. was amazing! Homemade tortillas, guacamole, and the freshest fish I have ever eaten. Jose is in the picture with us too. Check out his cool crocheted cell phone holder. Sweet!

Buffy with her watermelon popsicle she bought off a street vendor. It has two watermelon seeds stuck on the top!

Here we are playing in the cenotes. This has to be my favorite thing that we did. These were out in the middle of a jungle and on a locals property. We payed our pesos and jumped on in. A cenotes is a whole in the ground that leads to underground caverns that you can swim and play in. These were called Siete Bocas (seven mouths) and had seven openings. We just swam and swam to each cavern. The water was an amazing crystal clear blue and seemed to glow in the dark from the light coming in from other openings. We had such a blast!

Check out the custom rope in the water that helped us not get lost.

The water was SO clear (my legs are under water)!

This has to be my favorite picture. Stewart and Buffy are falling backwards into the water (click on it to see their faces!)

Chichen Itza

Shopping at Walmart in Cancun for a toy drive they had for some local children

the view from our hotel room balcony


Knowles Family said...

What a fun trip and it looks like you guys had a great time!

Carrie said...

I am beyond JEALOUS!!! How fun. And what great pictures, jen! SO BEAUTIFUL. Some day I too will be able to do something like that.

Berly said...

so pretty - i want to go. I am glad you had such a fund time. what a great trip.

Robin said...

Great trip report!

Joyana said...

this place is amazing! i love the picts of the water hole and little paco is such a cutie!

Rachel said...

I'm glad you had such a great trip! I can't believe it was 80 degrees, a little piece of heaven!

daveanddebbie said...

Looks like a blast! Great pictures!

Cumorah said...

When can we go back!? We had such a blast with you guys!!! So glad you posted the pic of Jose with the group - but what about the one that shows he's just as tall standing as you are sitting? Too funny! Those were the days!!!

Cumorah said...
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Rachael Jill said...

That looks amazing. The cave thing looked unreal. Very Jealous.