Tuesday, October 26, 2010

She's a Middle Schooler...Ahhhhh!!!

5th Grade Continuation

Abbie is officially finished with Elementary School and is moving on to Middle School. We are so proud of Abbie and the kind of student, friend, and example she is!

Abbie and her teacher Mr. Kittrel
Following Continuation Mr. Kittrel came up to Abbie and I to make sure that I knew how fabulous he thought Abbie was. He wanted me to know that at the end of every school day Abbie would make sure she came up to him and told him thank you before she left. He said that on most days, the last part of school can be the hardest for teachers. They are busy trying to help other students who need stuff before the bell rings and are tired after a long day of teaching. He got chocked up and teary eyed expressing to Abbie how much he appreciated her saying thank you every day. I was one proud mom!!!


Nan Campbell said...

And I am one proud nana! Love you Abbie June!

Julie said...

What a sweet girl that Abbie is! Welcome back Jen! So fun to catch up and see your cute pictures!

Carrie said...

That's my girl. I love you Abba Dabba!!! You look so grown-up and GORGEOUS!!!!

The Campbell Clan said...

oh Abbie, I was crying just reading this post! You look beautiful in your pictures and I am so grateful you are such a gracious girl. What a great example. We love you.