Tuesday, October 21, 2008

She is 5!!!

Today is our Claire Bear's Birthday!!! We love her so much. Here are 10 of our favorite things about her.

1. She has a hilarious sense of humor

2. She makes friends easily. Every day that I go to pick up Claire at the YMCA child watch she comes running to me saying, "Mom, I made a new friend today!"

3. She has an adorable dimple in her chin just like her dad

4. The way she says hamburger "han-ga-mer"

5. The way she is so clumsy and when she falls she gets right back up, looks around, and says, "I'm okay, I'm okay!" (she's already had 2 casts and a set of stitches)

6. She's so loud (just like her aunt Carrie!) and we love it!!!!

7. She is a fantastic big sister to Jakey. Sometimes she loves him a little to rough!!

8. I love that she is my little buddy during the day.

9. She shares her love equally. For example, if she is giving Kent some hugs and kisses and says "I love you" she will quickly look over at me and say,"but I still love you too mommy!"

10. She is one of a kind, unique in her own special way and we couldn't love her more!!!


Rachael Jill said...

We love Clair! I can always count on her to make sure Zoey is playing the rest of the group. She is one amazing 5 year old. I so enjoyed her in my little primary class. She wants to do whats right, and she loves to impress. Happy Birthday Clair!

Jodi-SugarPlumStitches.com said...

My Clarissa Bear! I love you more than my little words can tell. I love your cuddles when you come to visit me. I love your giggles that make me laugh. I love that you love my curly bear. I love that you are so clumsy & that it is ok with you. I love that you love me.
Happy Birthday sweet Clarissa girl. I love you SOOOOO MUCH!
p.s. we will call you later... Ü

Nan Campbell said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE CLAIRE BEAR...except you're not so little any more!!! Five years ago today was a very exciting day for us when you were born...and has been pretty much since. You add joy, love,laughter and excitement into all our lives Claire! We love you Clair Bear! Have a fun time at HSM3! I want to hear you sing the songs for me when you are here at Thankgiving!!!

Knowles Family said...

Happy Birthday to Claire. Your girls are so beautiful!

The Flemings: said...

That smile is so cute! Even when she was a little tiny one it was so big! What a fun girl! Happy Birthday Clair!

Berly said...

i love her smile. It is so great. I know she cares for everyone and is always asking me how Nicole is doing. She is definately one of a kind and we love her tons!!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Claire Bear. I agree with the 10 things but I am lucky to say that Claire not only shares my loud nature, she also shares my Care Bear nick name and I do believe she got her clumsy ways from her aunt Carrie as well because I know for a fact you and Kent are far from clumsy. I love you Claire Bear!!!!!

Joyana said...

Seriously Jen - her smile has been the same since day one and I love it!!!! Happy Birthday my spunky one :)

Liz said...

Happy birthday Claire! I still remember the time when she said to me, (about two years ago - mind you) "don't you love my outfit!" as she swayed back and forth. So cute! Also, the other day in primary, she was helping Tommy do something, and she was so motherly about it...he is four. Cracked me up - such a girl!

auntiec said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Claire!! I didn't know today was your birthday,and just early this morning (about 5:45) I was at the Y (near your Nana's and Papa's house)and a commercial came on for HSM3 and I was wondering "hmmm...I wonder if Claire still likes SHARPIE???" I hope I get to see you (and your family) at Thanksgiving time. I love you sweetie-pie!

The Campbell Clan said...

Oh my Goodness, we love you so much Claire Bear. We miss you and cant wait to see you soon.

Hans and Michelle said...

We love Claire too. I can't believe how much she still looks like her baby picture. Beautiful girl.