Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ahlander's visit

Our good friends ,the Ahlanders from Utah, have come for a visit every summer that we have lived here. They stop on their way to visit family in Oklahoma. We just love it! They usually take an extra day or two to explore Colorado with us. We love them and are so grateful for their visit every year!!!!

This year we visited the Olympic Training Center to get pumped up for the summer olympics, we spent a day swimming, and then a day hiking in Garden of the Gods. The kids always get along so well and we loved having them here.

The kids found this rock that had this skinny little crack in it that they could climb through. It had me pretty freaked out at first but they litteraly spent the morning going around and around through that rock. We had to pull Jakey away screaming when it was time to move on.


Nan Campbell said...

Who was the first kid to go through the rock and figure out that he/she would'nt get stuck?!!!Scary!! Love Jake's "tongue of concentration"!