Friday, July 18, 2008

Primary Teachers

So, we were in the car the other day and Kate was sad (I don't remember what about) and Claire asked Kate if she was okay. Kate gave Claire a grumpy face and a grumpy response. Being somewhat of an attentive mom I quickly intervened and asked Kate to tell Claire thank you for asking. Claire had such a cute response. This was our conversation:

Claire: "Hey mom, I know a story about that one!"
Me: "huh, you know a story about what one?"
Claire: "About that one!"
Me: (confused) "okay Claire, tell us your story"
Claire: "Well, my teacher told me that there was a guy with ouchies on his arm and he had to wrap cloth on them."
Me: (still confused) "huh?'"
Claire: "ya, he had yucky skin and Jesus helped him"
Me: "oh, was he a leper?"
Claire: "Yep, and Jesus healed the guys and only one of them said Thank You. We should remember to say Thank You!"

My heart melted! I am so grateful for primary teachers that are there to help us teach our children. So, to you primary workers out there (especially those of the 10th ward) they are listening and as a Mom I am so grateful to you for all your time and effort you put into my children. Thank You!!!


Robin said...

I am going to forward this on to Roland who will be the 6 year old primary teacher when we get back. Does he get to teach one of your girls?

Knowles Family said...

That is too precious! I just read your post after this one and I'm thanking my lucky stars that all my kids are out of diapers:) said...

OHHHH! my Claire Bear! I love you SO MUCH!

Berly said...

I love it. Primary teachers are awesome and they have their hands full. So I know they aprreciate it when child actually listens.

Rachel said...

What a great story! Your girls are so cute and sweet, they would probably say "Thank you" even without the lesson.

Rachael Jill said...

That made me all teary eyed! What a sweetie!