Thursday, April 10, 2008

Trip to Moab

Over the girls Spring break we decided to head to Moab with some close friends. Since we were going to be so close to my sisters and "the cousins" we decided they had to come join us. It was so beautiful and the kids had so much fun playing, hiking, and laughing together!

What a cutie Abbie is!

Claire and her buddy "Kaiser bean"! (Where do we get our nicknames from- I am not sure!!)

Jake trying to climb rocks like the big kids

We were having such a fabulous time (minus our friends daughter Nicole who broke her arm!) until....

Jake grabbed the hot pipe on Kent's dirt bike! It was so scary!!! After a trip to the Moab emergency room he was doing much better.

So, we have spent the last week and a half in and out of the burn clinic here in Colorado Springs getting his bandages changed. Jakey is doing much better and because of the blessing he recieved it is healing quickly. He is such a trooper!!!


Berly said...

I am the first one. Here is my address again or you can just click on my name to pull up our blog. You can pick a new template from the orange thing at the top of mine. Look good though. Jake's hands look so painful. I am glad he is doing better.

Rachael Pullman said...

Poor baby! It makes me cringe to see those little hands! I am so glad he is healing quickly. Priesthood works miracles!

jenn and flay said...

That is so gross. That poor little guy, and poor mommy to have to go through it. Burns are the worst, they hurt forever.